Frequently Asked Questions

If waking up to produce daily innovative solutions to a fast-paced world excites you, then e& is where you want to be. We are an empowered workforce that places our employees at the centre of everything we do, & that includes our agile working models, benefits, & career developments.

We are an equal opportunity employer that places great emphasis on diversity & inclusion. People from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply to work with e& in the career path of their choice. 

Our offices and business centres are located all across the UAE. Please refer to our locations HERE.

e& has several roles that support the overall function of the business, including administration, finance, communications, human resources, & operations. We are a team of skilled professionals with different backgrounds contributing to a brighter, more digitally enabled future. We encourage you to look through our job listings to see what suitable positions apply to your experience & skills. 

e& looks for people who have a strong desire to contribute & learn, who are passionate about technology, who feel empowered & are willing to go the extra mile every day.

Please look through our job listings & apply for the role that you find the most suitable. You will need to create a profile on our iRecruitment platform & proceed to upload your resume & details. Ensure that all your information, including contact details, is up to date & accurate.